Global Conversation 2021 A green, socially sustainable and digitally integrated world
Global Conversation 2021 A green, socially sustainable and digitally integrated world

Global Conversation 2021 A green, socially sustainable and digitally integrated world

26-29th August 2021, in Narva, Estonia

Explore the implementation of the UN75 declaration and a new international cooperation in the achievement of UN SDGs


Global Conversation 2021 is a four-day event that will include an intensive programme of high-level discussions, working groups, development of the Tallinn Declaration and action plans. We explore major obstacles to the achievement of the UN SDGs in societies with growing youth unemployment, intensifying climate change and ever deeper economic, social and racial divisions. We will discuss the role and importance of intercultural dialogue in healing divides and reconciling societies.

The conference is an opportunity to reaffirm the significance of the importance of the work of the UN and its member governments for a greener, socially sustainable and digitally integrated world. The conference will connect regional networks of practitioners, policy-makers, civil society organisations, media and international donors in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas.

At this conference, the Tallinn Declaration will be finalised and approved, together with local Citizens’ Action plans, which will be submitted to the UN General Assembly, various international and governmental organizations and the media.

The conference is co-organised by a consortium of international partners from 15 countries. The conference is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through Estonian Development Fund. The conference is also supported (contently and/or financially) by the European Commission, Nordic Council of Ministers, Estonian National Foundation of Civil Society, Anna Lindh Foundation and Tallink Grupp.

The conference was originally scheduled for October 2020 but postponed to August 2021 due to COVID 19.


The aim of the conference is to explore the implementation of the UN75 declaration and promote new international cooperation in the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals ( UN SDGs), human and digital rights, climate change (more ambitious Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) at COP 26) in a globalized world.

Additional objectives include:

  • To reach conclusions on how better to promote and spread knowledge and awareness of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, Human Rights instruments and international legal frameworks;
  • To explore how to use digital technologies to promote and engage communities and individuals to help achieve the UN SDGs and human rights protections;
  • To identify how UN SDGs may be implemented on a local and international level;
  • To share practical skills on how to utilise the existing international and green economy and digital instruments to improve climate change policies, sustainability of society and develop better tools for good governance.
  • To build a network of stakeholders, government representatives and other relevant organisations to implement the outputs of the Global Event and the UN’s Global Conversation in terms of the UN75 declaration implementation plan;


The international event is open to all interested individuals, representatives from public, private and civil society sectors whos work is connected directly or indirectly with UN SDG-s. We welcome youth organisations, educational institutions, finance industry leaders, academics, researchers, legislators, planners and policy specialists in all relevant areas, representatives from UN organisations, intergovernmental organisations, governments, ministries or departments, international donors, national and regional human rights institutions.

For international participants a total of 100 places are available.


The programme will consist of plenary lectures and speeches, panel discussions, workshops, study visits, a round table and World Café discussions involving all participants. Participants will be expected to share their experience – and emphasise to younger participants their perspectives on the ‘art of the possible.’ They will also be expected to deliver targets and action ideas for implementation at local, national and international levels.  The focus will be to contribute effectively to the UN’s Global Conversation – and get educational and political institutions,  communities and individuals involved back in their home countries.

The Conference topics will cover: 

  • Upgrade the UN: Enabling the UN to be more effective at promoting peace and preventing conflict, through enhanced peace-keeping and conflict transformation operations, Intercultural dialogue, youth exchanges and international digital Citizens’ Assemblies on key UN decisions;
  • Promote Sustainable Growth: devise ways to achieve the SDG Goal 8 Goal of full employment by 2030 and decouple economic growth from environmental degradation through Green Growth and improved resource efficiency
  • Improve Digital Cooperation: How to ensure safe and affordable digital access for all, secure digital human rights for all with increased security and reduced inequality in the context of a revised Human Rights regime 2.0 fit for 21st Century Realities
  • Take urgent action to combat Climate Change: explore and expand on COP-26 strategies and identify the most effective Citizen Actions to support them to achieve SDG 13 goal of halting and reversing global heating.

See the full programm here.


Narva is a border town with Russia, which has historically been under both Swedish and Russian rule. Narva is located in a socially and economically deprived area, which is populated by a Russian minority community. Narva, which is over 95% Russian-speaking, is the third-largest town in Estonia. 

Narva is also one of the easternmost points of the current European Union map.

The venue of the conference is mainly Vaba Lava Theatre Centre in Narva. Vaba Lava (in English: free stage) is a popular place in the former military factory complex Baltiets that provide performing space for local theatre companies, and will also provide an opportunity to present guest performances by both Estonian repertoire theatres and independent companies as well as theatre and dance companies from Russia, Western Europe and Nordic countries. The new space will be also used for festivals, concerts, seminars, workshops, masterclasses etc.


All the delegates are accommodated in two hotels: Narva Hotel and  Meresuu Spa Hotel. The conference fee consists of accommodation in shared rooms. Private rooms are available on request and additional fee.


The working language is English. French, Arabic and Russian translations will be provided.


This Conference is designed as a hybrid event with most participants attending live but some, from Covid-19 constrained countries, joining virtually.


The delegates are invited to participate in Global Conversation 2021  by submitting their applications.

If your application has been accepted, we request each delegate to confirm the participation in 7 days by sending a letter to  or by phone +372 55602993.

More information, please write: Mr. Vassili Golikov –


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