A green, socially sustainable and digitally integrated Nordic-Baltic Region 2021
A green, socially sustainable and digitally integrated Nordic-Baltic Region 2021

A green, socially sustainable and digitally integrated Nordic-Baltic Region 2021

The main goal of the project is to promote green growth, sustainability and empower CSOs in the Nordic-Baltic region by reaching the SDGs and regional cooperation in building the green future of the region. This project aims to increase knowledge of NGO representatives, young adults and others stakeholders working with vulnerable groups about UN SDGs in the context of globalized world, as well as enhance their capacity to be agents of change and their engagement towards achieving greener and sustainable lifestyles in their daily activities.Besides main goal, we aim to create a thematic international network of Nordic-Baltic actors and increase the competence of project target groups and partner organizations on sustainabledevelopment in general and on cross-cutting themes of Agenda 2030.In addition, we aim to empower and emphasize the role of NGOs as active and important change makers in the field of sustainable development by increasing their capacity and co-operation opportunities.

Project’s activities include an international gathering in Narva, Estonia (26-29.08.2021) of target groups and high level stakeholders & NGOs representative meeting (trainings and workshops sessions and launch of the project), transnational partners and experts study visit and trainings on CSOs capacity building in Helsinki, Finland (in October 2021, date TBC) and final international conference in November 2021 in Esotnia with main outcomes: development of political statement, local action plans and web-resource, as communication activities related with promotion of sustainable development themes, networking and international collaborations.Project has partners from five countries mainly from NGOs + Youth associations, and indirectlypolicy makers, and educational institutions representatives. Totally in the project directly will take part up to 115 participants (or more online) due to COVID19)
All partners (from Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) will act as the change maker/facilitators of the network, as it will further enhance. Fimigrant was invite to cooperate and contribute as affiliated partner by Feminar RY in this programm.
the network and make it a well functioning and solid platform on sustainable development andstrengthening CSOs cooperation within the priority areas of the programme.
More about programm you will find out here: https://www.unsdg.ee/nordic-baltic-civil-society/

Project is supported by Nordic Council Of Ministers’ Support Program for Non-Governmental Organisations Cooperation between the Nordic and Baltic Countries and Estonian National Foundation of Civil Society and others.

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