SSCW and Green Habito Network is kindly inviting interested organisations representatives and  experts to take part in the Green Habito Conference 2023 “Civil Society Ideas for a Sustainable Green Future of Europe” – is a three-day event (26th, 27th and 28th May 2023) that will include an intensive programme of high-level discussions, working groups, development of the civil society initiatives and which brings together a unique network of civil society, officials and business representatives, the purpose of which is to discuss the contribution of civil society and the promotion of cooperation with business and state sectors in meeting the goals of sustainable development, and to raise civil society’s international capacity and awareness of sustainable lifestyles, environmental protection and the important topics of the green economy, including about the circular economy and overconsumption.

Target group: annual meeting and conference  is open to all members of Green Habito Network,  interested individuals, representatives from public, private and civil society sectors whose work is connected directly or indirectly with sustainability politics, civil society and the UN SDG-s. We welcome environmental organisations, youth organisations, educational institutions, green industry leaders, academics, researchers, legislators, planners and policy specialists in all relevant areas tackling sustainability and green economy questions, representatives from International institutions, intergovernmental organisations, governments, ministries or departments, international donors, national and regional climate change organisations. For international participants a total of 40 places are available and for Estonia participants 60 places.

Conference themes:

  • Social transformation, climate change and environmental protection
  • Civil society, government and business networks are taking the circular economy and innovation to the next level
  • Researching current consumption patterns and integrating a sustainable lifestyle
  • The role of civil society organizations in fighting for the green transition and sustainable development

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At the end of the conference, a list of suggestions to decision makers  will be prepared with proposals for a specific solution for the government, business and civil society sector on how to cope and promote circular economy, reduce overconsumption and integrate innovation solutions to achieve more sustainable living.

Within the framework of the key discussion, it is a good opportunity to get to know Nordic and Estonia’s views on the challenges that exist in Europe and record Estonia’s contribution to achieving the goals of sustainable development, as well as learn about the circular economy, reducing overconsumption and green turn solutions to better serve civil society for the future of Europe.


The programme will consist of plenary lectures and speechespanel discussions, workshops, study visits, a round table and Working groups in World Café discussions formate involving all participants. Participants will be expected to share their experience – and emphasise to younger participants and CSOs their perspectives on the ‘art of the possible.’ They will also be expected to deliver targets and action ideas for implementation at local, national and international levels. The focus will be to contribute effectively to discuss sustainable solutions in achieving green goals in different regions, promote inclusive societies for sustainable development by spreading knowledge and outcomes to CSOs, research and political institutions, communities and individuals involved back in their home countries.


The delegates are invited to participate in the Network Conference “Civil Society Ideas for a Sustainable Green Future of Europe” 2023  by submitting their applications.( 

More information, please write: Mr. Vassili Golikov –, +372 55602993


The main conference days are 26 and 27th of May 2023.

Working language: English.

We will be able to accept only two representatives from your organisation/institution.

Estonian Capital Tallinn is currently the European Green Capital and many other side events are happening that you could also visit. (

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