European Network “Green Habito” appeal
4th of May 2022, Narva – Jõesuu, Estonia

Network of CSOs “Green Habito” is a network for sustainable and green future. Founded in 2019 with headquarters in Helsinki, Finland, the Network has expanded from Nordic-Baltic region to Euroepean one and now includes 33 national and regional umbrellas and associations from 15 EU member states and the United Kingdom. The Network is supported by various foundations and national project programmes.

We as Network have gathered in Narva, Estonia, from the 1st to the 4th of May 2022 at our conference entitled “Civil Society Ideas for a sustainable and secure Future of Europe” what was happening in frame of the project:
“A green, socially sustainable and digitally integrated Nordic-Baltic Region 2021-2022”. 

On this occasion we discussed a variety of issues of importance to Europe and European countries from Climate change and environmental protection to the role of civil society in conflict resolution as well as media control and Digital security.  On the conflict in the Ukraine the network calls for an immediate end to all military operations and the necessity to find a peaceful solution to the conflict and avoid further destructions and casualties.

The network also calls on European CSOs to exercise every possible effort to this end and contribute to helping all humanitarian CSOs working in Ukraine in assisting the population of Ukraine, particularly vulnerable groups. Furthermore, the Network calls on Russian speaking communities in Europe to contribute to a peaceful resolution of this conflict and enhance European cohesion and solidarity.