Fimigrant is a public interest nongovernmental organisation that was created in 2017. During these years Fimigrant has been working actively towards creating a migrants friendly environment in our society. Each year we have broadened the reach of our activities to initiate broad-based and society-wise noticeable initiatives. Our development cooperation consists of activities that we do in the frameworks of our projects, especially relating to international cooperation. We contribute to environmental issues.

The project “Towards inclusive and sustainable Europe” aims to raise awareness about the importance of involving migrants and minorities fully in the civic society as well as sensitising them to understand and appreciate the normality of different worldviews, customs and ways of life among human beings. In addition the project aims to support migrant & minority communities in exercising their rights and responsibilities in society and enhance their feeling of belonging to the community, both local and European.

The project Together towards green, sustainable and digital society of Nordic-Baltic region 2021-2022 aims is to increase knowledge of young adults, teachers, NGO experts and representative of vulnerable groups about UN SDGs in the context of globalized world, as well as enhance their capacity as well as enhance their capacity to be an agents of change and their engagement towards achieving greener and sustainable lifestyle in their daily activities.

The project A green, socially sustainable and digitally integrated Nordic-Baltic Region 2021 aims to increase knowledge of NGO representatives, young adults and others stakeholders working with vulnerable groups about UN SDGs in the context of globalized world, as well as enhance their capacity to be agents of change and their engagement towards achieving greener and sustainable lifestyles in their daily activities.Besides main goal, we aim to create a thematic international network of Nordic-Baltic actors and increase the competence of project target groups and partner organizations on sustainabledevelopment in general and on cross-cutting themes of Agenda 2030.In addition, we aim to empower and emphasize the role of NGOs as active and important change makers in the field of sustainable development by increasing their capacity and co-operation opportunities.

The project “Nordic-Baltic journey to the sustainable development goals through gender equality approach” increases children’s/young people`s knowledge and awareness about Agenda 2030 and reinforce young people`s role in achievement of SDGs by improving they social skills and active engagement at the local and international level. Young people will create a network of agents of change.